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"WALL - eh - woo"

Welcome to wallewu.com

What's "wallewu"?

Wallewu ("WALL-eh-woo") is my web design, web development and web content management consulting business.

"Wallewu" is a word that I made up. These days, it's difficult to find domain names that are not already taken, so I figured the best solution was to make up something. And besides: I like the sound of it.

Get to know me

I offer web design, web development, and Ektron CMS (web content management system) consulting services. I've put together this website so you can get to know a little bit about me, what I'm capable of, and how I will work with you.

Let me help you

Need a website? Have an existing one that needs some work? Or are you a small to mid-sized company needing some assistance with developing and/or implementing new web-based solutions? Let me help you.